Wellbeing tips for parents & carers

Your Total Wellbeing - 6 pillars

A massive thank you to Laura Henderson-Thynne, Head of People at a Global Marketing Technology Agency

1 . Physical Health

2. Mental & Emotional Health

3. Immune System

4. Things to make you smile

5. WFH tips

6. Other resources

Efficient and effective remote working

  1. Set up a designated workspace: create a working environment at home just like your desk in the office and make sure you have all the tech you need;

  2. Create boundaries: ideally, work in a separate room from the rest of your home activities but if this is not possible, look for ways to transition your space between work and personal time;

  3. Dress the part: it can be tempting to stay in your pj’s all day, but it’s worth taking the time to feel fresh and polished;

  4. Know when to step away from your ‘desk’: be clear about when your working day begins and ends and take breaks to refresh. It’s easy to let yourself be ‘always’ on when your home and office are the same place. When work is over, be sure you switch off to avoid burnout.

  5. Make remote working work for you: change where you sit, whatever helps you to work and concentrate.