How can I make a face mask at home?

- Follow instructions provided by Public Health England which can be found here

What should my child be doing at home over this time?

- We advise that students should complete as much work at home as possible using the timetable provided as a guideline which is available on our Academy website. In these extraordinary circumstances we are aware that this directly impacts time spent in school but want to minimise that impact in terms of learning.

- Teachers have set sufficient and meaningful work for all students.

Where will my child find their work?

- All work will be set and completed in Google Classrooms. There are other online resources that will be used like; GCSE Pod, Tassomai, Hegarty Maths. These can all be accessed via our student intranet here: https://student.cityacademynorwich.org/

How can my child access their emails?

  • Visit Gmail which can be found here: Student Email

  • Sign in using your school username and password

  • They will then be taken to their student emails.

How can my child access Google Classroom?

Google Classrooms can be accessed by following these simple steps:

  • Visit google classroom website found here: Google Classroom

  • Log in using your school email address (this can be found in your planner) and your school password.

  • This will log you in and take you to the Classroom homepage and show you all the classrooms you are in.

What do we do if my child has forgotten their password?

If your child has forgotten their password then please email their form tutor for assistance with getting their password reset. Teacher email addresses can be found here

What do we do if we can't login into online resources like Hegarty Maths?

Please see below details on who to contact for help accessing online resources.

  • Hegarty Maths – Use the password reset button when logging into Hegarty Maths – Reset Hegarty Maths Password – If you have any problems please email: rebecca.lee@cityacademynorwich.org

  • GCSEPOD – Please use this link to reset your password. Reset GCSEPOD Password – If you have any problems please email: Rachel.Crickmore@cityacademynorwich.org

  • Lexia Power up Literacy – Please email: Catherine.Pye@cityacademynorwich.org

  • Tassomai – Please use this link to reset your password. Reset Tassomai Password – If you have any problems please email: Aidan.Coyne@cityacademynorwich.org

  • Quizlet – Please email: stephanie.bennett@cityacademynorwich.org

What do we do if my child has completed their work set online?

- Teachers will be monitoring the completion of work and will update and set work regularly, shared via website. Students should have sufficient work to complete

- Year 7 and 8 students can complete additional Lexia work

- All students have borrowed two reading books from the school library and can also be reading as a part of their regular learning.

What does my child do if they don’t understand the work set?

- Should your child not understand any aspect of the work they have been set, we ask that they do the following

1. Make sure they have thought through the question or instruction, looking at all of the information. If unsure about specific words, use Google or a dictionary to check for understanding

3. Contact their teacher / subject leader by email - the contact addresses for all teachers can be found here: Teacher Email Address

4. Ask others at home, to see if they can help understand or explain

Guidance for Feedback and Marking of Work

·We recognise giving feedback to students is an essential part of the process of learning and wish to ensure students receive feedback on work they have completed at home.

· In these extraordinary times, we also need to prioritise the work of Year 11 students who are nearing their exams

· During term time, work will be set and updated fortnightly by our teachers.

o Where students have computer access, Google Classroom lessons will be updated every two weeks

o Where students do not have computer access, work packs will be distributed every two weeks. (Distribution method will vary depending on circumstances. However, this is likely to include postage to home address or collection from a key point in the school on communicated dates, to parents and carers)

Feedback – Google Classroom:

· Where students have computer and internet access, work will be set, and feedback given, through Google Classroom

· Staff will try to mark all work within two weeks of it being completed. Work will usually be marked by a student’s subject teacher, although this may not always be possible

We need a device at home

We have already contacted those families who requested an internet-enabled device at home to support remote learning. If your circumstances have changed and your child needs a device, please let us know at the email. office@cityacademynorwich.org